When travelling into the great outdoors (and especially to our great Outback) it’s really important to have appropriate communications methods available to you.

While your telephone allows you to contact family and friends you may not always have the coverage you would like. It’s important to cater for those times when you may be out of a service area. Your UHF Radio provides an excellent tool for contacting emergency aid and a GPS or paper map is important to know exactly where you are.

Naturally, we carry replacement parts & accessories for all our recommended products, or can order them in for you if necessary.

UHF Radios & Accessories

A radio provides entertainment by allowing you to chat with your fellow travellers and also provides you with a method of contacting authorities in an emergency.

We recommend GME, their radios are Australian designed and built so you know they are eminently suited to our conditions.


These days almost everyone has roadmaps available on their smart-phone, however for more detailed mapping information a GPS is the way to go.

We recommend VMS GPS systems. Made in Australia, they are built to withstand our tough conditions and provide excellent mapping all over this wide brown land of ours.


For those of us that prefer a piece of paper to see where we are heading, we have a wide range of maps available in-store.

It’s not always easy to plan that all important trip on the internet, and sometimes we know our customers are looking for more information on a region than can be easily found online.

From detailed 4WD maps, to the popular free camping books we have something to suit your needs.

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