Introduction Upgrade your utility vehicle with our top-tier tray and canopy packages, designed to bring style and functionality to any outing. Whether you’re a professional needing a tough, work-ready setup, an off-roading enthusiast in search of a robust 4×4 aluminum canopy, or a weekend adventurer preparing for overland exploits, our premier selection caters to all your needs with precision and flair.

Types of Tray and Canopy Packages

There are various types of tray and canopy combo available, each catering to different preferences and requirements:

Pop-Up Covers: These are ideal for picnics, beach visits, and camping excursions because they are lightweight and simple to assemble.

Gazebo Canopies: Perfect for backyard celebrations, weddings, or outdoor eating areas, gazebo canopies provide a more long-term option.

Umbrella Canopies: Often featuring built-in trays or tables, these little canopies offer shade for confined areas like patios and balconies.

Packages that Can Be Customized: A few manufacturers have packages that can be customized with a tray and canopy, giving you the option to select particular features, hues, and extras to meet your demands.

Versatility meets style. 

For the unyielding adventurer or the diligent tradesperson, the option to blend rugged utility with sleek design is a dream realized with our tray and canopy packages. Engineered to withstand the harshest Australian landscapes, each component is meticulously crafted to excel under pressure, an assurance for those putting their vehicles to the test.

Custom-Fitted Ute Trays Tailored for Any Job 

Our ute trays, including the Hilux tray canopy model, are the foundation of your vehicle setup. These custom-fitted, lightweight aluminum platforms support your tools, cargo, and gear up to a remarkable 1000kg loading capacity. A Hilux tray canopy or any of our robust offerings promises a durable backbone for any job.

Durable Alloy Canopies Shielding Your Equipment 

The canopy, a vital complement to the ute tray, offers robust protection against the elements. The 2-door alloy canopy represents a premium, dual-cab canopy setup, accommodating your canopy storage needs with ease. Reinforced and weatherproof, expect years of service from these canopy installations.

Efficient Ute Tray Consumables for Ultimate Organization 

Outfit your vehicle further with our tailored under-tray toolboxes, serving as the ideal companion for camping canopy without efficiency. Each toolbox aligns perfectly with your vehicle make and model, ensuring a cohesive and stylish look crucial for a streamlined dual-cab canopy setup.

Enhance Style and Function with Flared Mudguards 

Beyond the utility, flared mudguards add a clean contour to your setup while remaining compliant with legal standards. Our tailored pieces not only align with your vehicle’s aesthetic but ensure continued protection mile after mile, a hallmark of a practical camping canopy fitout.

Illumination and Safety with Tapered LED Tail Lights 

Visibility intertwines with design through our neatly packaged LED tail light options. These distinct models integrate seamlessly with your tray and canopy packages setup, striking the ideal balance between safety and bespoke design, elevating the foundation of your Ford Ranger custom tray and canopy, or any setup that ensures your vehicle stands out, even at night.

Convenient and Rugged Gear Storage Solutions 

For those who refuse to compromise on efficiency, our jerry can holder and spare wheel carrier guarantee easy access to essential equipment. Fashioned from sturdy materials, these fixtures underscore the essence of practical ute canopy accessories. Securely store extra fuel or additional wheels, unburdening the canopy’s load and enhancing your travels.

Accessibility Enhanced with Canopy Ladder Systems 

Reaching for gear should never be a chore. The smart design behind our canopy ladder system facilitates quick grocery grabs or an impulsive diving board venture on your camping trip. Stow effortlessly, a testament to our commitment to canopy storage that grows with your needs.

The Ultimate Convenience with a Keyless Entry System 

Bid farewell to fumbling through keys with our MRT keyless entry system, offering you cutting-edge convenience and security for your chosen tray and canopy packages. Implemented with the expertise and finesse expected by patrons of canopy Australia, this feature reinforces security around your treasured cargo without adding complexity.

Ample Storage with X-Series Ladder Racks 

An efficient ute canopy setup is incomplete without space-maximizing ladder racks. Apt for auxiliaries like spare tires and rafting tubes, this is where utility meets capacity, ensuring you never have to choose between a camping chair or a spare cooler on your 4WD camping setups.

Versatility with Optional Lift-Off Systems 

For tray-back canopy versatility, integrating a lift-off setup into your lifestyle means transitioning between workboats and bandwagon supremos will be conscientious. This modular aspect injects adaptability into a ute back canopy regardless of background.

Conclusion With compelling builds diminishing the chore of managing professionals to wild warriors, our under-tray drawer offers something for all vehicular conductors. Ageless utility, hardened yet styled, is accessible, customizable, and sits together with your motoring aspirations. XmlNode

This tray and canopy packages pinnacle speaks to those who do more than just drive; they endeavor and dominate landscapes. Trusted by countless Australians, rest assured that our ute canopy setup affords the tranquility warranted during lengthy hauls or when you’re carving through rugged outbacks. Our offerings allow you to personalize your drive, ensuring that each journey is as unique as the driver.

EGR Canopies: Versatility and Robustness

EGR canopies are well known for their long-lasting durability and creative designs. EGR canopies are made of premium materials and provide outstanding weather protection while also improving the visual attractiveness of any outdoor area. EGR canopies come in a number of sizes and designs, making them appropriate for a range of uses, including trade exhibitions and camping excursions.

3XM Styled Canopies: Practicality and Appeal

3XM-styled canopies are a great option if you want a canopy that blends fashion and functionality. The sophisticated designs of 3XM stylized canopies lend an air of refinement to any outdoor environment. Whether you’re attending a music festival or throwing a garden party, 3XM Stylized Canopies offer the ideal balance of style and utility.

Aeroklas Canopies: High Grade and Effectiveness

Aeroklas canopies are known for their superior performance and quality. Aeroklas canopies are engineered to the highest standards, provide exceptional protection and durability regardless of the weather. Aeroklas Canopies offer dependable protection and security for your possessions, whether you’re working on a building site or enjoying the great outdoors.

Trust and Satisfaction Guaranteed 

In the end, having confidence in your vehicle’s abilities is crucial. That’s why our tray and canopy packages are designed with top-quality materials, especially for 4×4 aluminum canopies. With tjmbendigo’s trusted reputation, you can embark on your next adventure or job knowing that our full-fledged systems will support you every step of the way.

Customize, innovate, and transform your roadside companion today by integrating it with your active lifestyle. Our cheap canopy and tray packages ensure that every trip is reliable, distinctive, and enjoyable—key features of a well-designed setup.

Driven by more than just practicality, we focus on achieving perfection through a blend of design, durability, and affordability. TJMBendigo has a diverse range of tray and canopy packages that allow every customer to find their ideal cheap canopy without compromising on quality. Bring allure to practicality without compromising on standards, and achieve the perfect ute canopy setup that suits your needs.

Enjoy the beauty of a seamlessly integrated work vehicle or an adventurous off-road explorer, thanks to the resourceful minds. Our products go beyond just enhancing a fleet; they invigorate a lifestyle where every component, from the utilitarian under tray drawer to the deluxe camping canopy fitouts, showcases your commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Ease of Installation through Professional Fitting Services 

All essentials, including the fitting service, are neatly included with your tray and canopy packages, streamlining what might otherwise be a daunting setup process—a sentiment mirrored across the TJMBendigo product range. Precision and ease are at your disposal, crafted by specialists skilled enough to also handle additional features like the optional lift-off system, various campground must-haves, or a combo fitting for your canopy and tray devotion.

FAQs About Tray and Canopy Packages

What size canopies are standard on dual-cab vehicles?

The normal dimensions of a standard dual-cab canopy are between 1800 and 1900 mm in length and 1600 and 1700 mm in width. It is imperative to verify the precise measurements provided by every manufacturer to guarantee suitability for your car.

Can I customize the tray and canopy package that I buy?

A: Certainly! Numerous possibilities are available for customization with our tray and canopy packages, including color selections, extra accessories, and features like integrated LED lighting or height-adjustable settings. Please feel free to talk to our staff at TJM Bendigo about your choices for modification.

What is a canopy made of aluminum?

One kind of canopy that is mostly made of metal is an aluminum canopy. Because of their lightweight design and strong construction, these canopies are perfect for a variety of uses, including off-roading, camping, and trading. Aluminum canopies are ideal for use in abrasive outdoor conditions because of their superior resistance to rust and corrosion. 

What is a standard canopy?

Generally speaking, a standard canopy is a simple canopy structure intended to offer shade or cover in outdoor environments. These canopies are often constructed from materials like polyester, canvas, or PVC and come in a variety of sizes and styles. 

Is it simple to assemble tray and canopy packages?

Yes, the tray and canopy sets come with simple assembly instructions from the manufacturer, making installation simple. At TJM Bendigo, our team is available to assist you at every stage if you have any questions or need help.

tray and canopy package

For the tradesman or the family holiday a canopy on the back of your vehicle really adds to your storage space.

With a wide range of canopies available from various suppliers we believe we can supply you with a quality product to meet your needs. A couple of our favourites are listed below.

Depending on your vehicle options may include:

  • To suit tray or tub style vehicle
  • Smooth or textured finish
  • Sliding, lift up or lift down windows
  • Internal lining
  • Flyscreens
  • Window locks
  • Removability
  • Colour coding
  • Roof racks
  • Vents
  • Spare parts

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