Protect your passengers and keep your vehicle looking good with a top quality bull bar or nudge bar.

In an accident, a properly fitted bull bar or nudge bar will absorb the impact and keep the vehicle in a ‘drive-able’ state, allowing you to continue on your way and saving you damage to your passengers or vehicle.

We have several suppliers of bull bars, brush bars, sidebars & nudge bars and offer you a choice of steel or alloy, polished or powder coated, or even colour matched to your vehicle.

To get the right bull bar that is designed to fit your vehicle, please let us know exactly what model vehicle you have and the year it was made, so our expert staff can match it properly to your vehicle.

Bull bars are also available winch compatible, so if you are considering installing a winch, get it done at the same time as the bull bar to save on labour costs.

Financing is also something we can help you out with – with no interest!

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