A vehicle without a snorkel fitted draws air in through the inner guard of the bonnet or just behind the grill.

When you’re driving along a dirt road, or a severely dusty outback track you knock up a fair bit of dust – probably better not to suck that through your engine!

And when it comes to river crossings, water in the engine is a pretty big problem.
Water can cause your engine to stall, which can be dangerous in a river crossing, or it can cause serious damage to your engine – running into the thousands for repairs.

A snorkel works by lifting the air intake up to roof level, thus avoiding as much dust and water as possible, drawing in cooler & cleaner air.

A snorkel may improve your vehicle’s performance too, simply because of ‘ram air effect’. This is where the air is being forced into the snorkel as you drive along at speed. It should also prolong the life of your air filter as a result of having cleaner and cooler air pass through it, saving you a bit of money along the way.

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