Where do I get the right information about towing rules?

  1. The first place to look is in your vehicle’s manual
  2. Drop in to see us, advice is free
  3. We highly recommend checking out www.vicroads.vic.gov.au and other government sites for details for legal requirements

Do I need towing mirrors on my car?

  • If you are towing any kind of trailer it is important to have the right information.
  • To check if you legally require towing mirrors, stand at the rear corner of your trailer.
  • If you cannot see the mirrors, you must install additional mirrors so the driver can clearly see the road behind the vehicle, and any following or overtaking vehicle.

How high can we go?

  • Never pile heavy items on top of your roof rack – you will affect the vehicle’s centre of gravity and increase the likelihood of a roll-over.
  • Check your vehicle’s user guide and stay within the limits set there. Some roof rack systems will carry 150kg, with most limited to 70kg.


Some of us are pretty serious 4WDers so we may have a few more things on the checklists below than you think you need, use some common sense when considering what type of trip you are planning.

Make sure you plan to stay within your capabilities – there’s no sense in taking your city 4WD along a beach & getting bogged when you’ve never done any off road work before.

Read your vehicle’s manual – this has to be the first step in planning any trip. You really do need to know what your vehicle can or cannot do.

The following lists have been supplied by our staff – who love camping & caravanning & getting out with their 4WD’s. They are designed only to make you think about what you may need, not as a definitive list!