• 2.5mm outer tube wall
  • Twin tube design
  • Seamless welds & stitch welded construction
  • High durable, quality bushes
  • 18mm hard chromed piston
  • German quality Teflon bushes & seals
  • Cold-drawn seamless cartridge
  • Internal Hydraulic stop
  • 36mm Big bore Hi-Flow piston
  • High-grade damper oil
  • N2 charged


Caravan Suspension Upgrade with TJM 

Embarking on a caravan adventure is a thrilling experience, but the quality of your journey often depends on the state of your caravan’s suspension system. If you’re considering a caravan suspension upgrade, you’re in the right place. Discover how these upgrades can transform your travel experience into a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Caravanning is a delightful adventure, but a smooth and comfortable ride is essential for an enjoyable journey. One key aspect that contributes to the overall comfort of your caravan experience is the suspension system.

The Need for Caravan Suspension Upgrades

While many caravans come with factory-installed suspensions, they might not always meet the specific needs of every traveler. Upgrading your caravan suspension allows you to tailor the system to your preferences, ensuring a smoother ride, improved stability, and enhanced safety.

Why Consider a Caravan Suspension Upgrade?

Smoothing Out the Bumps:

Upgrading your caravan suspension can significantly improve the ride quality by reducing the impact of bumps, potholes, and uneven road surfaces. This not only enhances comfort for you and your fellow travelers but also protects the interior of your caravan from unnecessary wear and tear.

Increased Stability:

A stable caravan is a safer caravan. Upgrading your suspension GF contributes to better stability, reducing swaying and bouncing. This is particularly important when navigating winding roads or facing strong crosswinds, ensuring a safer towing experience.

Enhanced Load Capacity:

Carrying a bit more gear than usual? A suspension upgrade can increase your caravan’s load-carrying capacity. This benefits those who love to pack extra for extended trips without compromising safety or performance.

Tailored to Your Needs:

Since each traveler is different, so are their preferences. A caravan suspension upgrade allows you to tailor the system to meet your needs and travel style. Whether you prioritize comfort, off-road capabilities, or heavy-load capacity, you have a suspension upgrade.

Commercial Considerations for Suspension Upgrade

If you’re considering a caravan suspension upgrade for commercial purposes or as part of your business operations, here are some key considerations:

Type of Caravan:

Different caravans have different suspension systems. Whether you own a compact camper or a spacious luxury caravan, understanding the type of caravan you have is crucial in choosing the right suspension upgrade.

Business Needs:

Consider your business needs if you’re in the caravan rental business or use caravans for commercial purposes. A suspension upgrade can enhance the durability and longevity of your fleet, ensuring a better experience for your customers.

Road Conditions:

Consider the typical road conditions your caravans encounter. If your business involves off-road adventures or traversing rugged terrains, opt for a suspension upgrade that can handle such conditions without compromising performance.

Customer Satisfaction:

Happy customers are repeat customers. A caravan with a smooth and stable ride contributes to customer satisfaction. Investing in suspension upgrades can set your business apart by providing an elevated travel experience.

TJM: Your Ultimate Destination for Caravan Suspension Upgrades

Now that you’re considering a suspension upgrade let’s introduce you to your go-to destination in the world of caravan enhancements—TJM. Here’s why TJM stands out when it comes to improving your caravan’s suspension:

Why Choose TJM for Your Suspension Upgrade?

Expertise and Experience:

  • With decades of experience in vehicle modifications, TJM brings a wealth of expertise to caravan suspension upgrades.
  • Our skilled technicians understand the intricacies of caravan suspensions, ensuring top-notch service and results.

Customer-Centric Approach:

  • At TJM, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Your needs and preferences guide our recommendations and services.
  • Our team ensures you have a positive experience throughout the suspension upgrade process.

Comprehensive Upgrade Options:

  • TJM offers various caravan suspension upgrades to cater to caravan types and traveler preferences.
  • Whether you’re seeking comfort, off-road capabilities, or increased load capacity, we have the perfect upgrade.

Quality Workmanship:

  • Quality is ingrained in our craft. TJM’s caravan suspension upgrades are designed for durability, reliability, and optimal performance.
  • We use top-quality components to ensure your caravan’s suspension can withstand the demands of diverse road conditions.

Caravan Suspension Upgrade Options at TJM

TJM XGS Heavy Duty Suspension Upgrade:

  • Ideal for caravans carrying heavy loads.
  • Enhances stability and load-carrying capacity.
  • Reduces sag and ensures a smoother ride.

TJM XGS Extra Comfort Suspension Upgrade:

  • Tailored for those prioritizing a comfortable ride.
  • Absorbs shocks and vibrations for a smoother t.
  • It is ideal for long-distance travelers seeking a luxury feel.

TJM XGS Off-Road Suspension Upgrade:

  • Designed for off-road enthusiasts and adventurers.
  • Provides increased ground clearance for tackling rough terrains.
  • Ensures durability and performance in challenging conditions.

TJM XGS Touring Suspension Upgrade:

  • Suited for caravans used in touring and recreational travel.
  • Balances comfort and performance for a versatile ride.
  • Enhances stability on various road surfaces.

Benefits of Choosing TJM for Your Suspension Upgrade

Experience You Can Trust:

  • With decades of experience in the industry, TJM has earned a reputation for excellence in caravan modifications.
  • Our team’s expertise ensures that your caravan suspension upgrade is in the hands of professionals who understand the nuances of the job.

Customer-Focused Approach:

  • At TJM, we understand that each caravan owner has unique needs and preferences.
  • Our customer-focused approach means we take the time to listen, understand, and provide tailored solutions to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Quality Assurance:

  • Quality service and your satisfaction is our first priority. TJM’s caravan suspension upgrades are built to last, utilizing high-quality components and industry best practices.
  • We stand by the quality of our artistry and offer assurance that your upgraded suspension will perform reliably on every journey.

Comprehensive Upgrade Options:

  • TJM offers caravan upgrades to cater to various preferences and usage scenarios.
  • Whether you’re a frequent traveler, an off-road adventurer, or a business owner managing a caravan fleet, we have an upgrade option that suits your needs.
Steps to a Seamless Caravan Suspension Upgrade in Victoria Experience at TJM

Ready to embark on the journey of upgrading your caravan’s suspension with TJM? This is a detailed guide to guarantee a smooth experience:

Contact TJM:

  • Contact TJM through our store, phone, or online channels to express your interest in a caravan suspension upgrade.

Consultation with Our Experts:

  • When you contact us, our experienced team to discuss your needs, caravan type, and travel preferences.
  • Our experts will guide you through the suspension upgrade options and recommend the best fit for your caravan.

Caravan Inspection:

  • Bring your caravan to our workshop for a comprehensive inspection. This step helps identify the current state of your suspension and any necessary modifications.

Installation of Upgrade Components:

  • Once the inspection is complete, our skilled technicians will install the required components to complete the suspension upgrade.
  • The installation process is conducted with precision to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Testing and Fine-Tuning:

  • After the installation, your caravan will undergo testing to ensure the suspension upgrade meets the desired standards.
  • Our team will fine-tune the system to align with your preferences and ensure a balanced and smooth ride.

Customer Satisfaction Check:

  • Before returning your caravan, we conduct a customer satisfaction check to ensure you are happy with the suspension upgrade.
  • We are dedicated to addressing any concerns and ensuring you leave with a caravan exceeding your expectations.
Your Gateway to Enhanced Caravan Adventures

As you embark on your caravan adventures, TJM is your trusted partner in enhancing the journey. A caravan suspension upgrade from TJM is more than just a modification; it’s a commitment to delivering a smoother, safer, and more enjoyable travel experience.

Invest in your caravan’s comfort, stability, and versatility by choosing TJM for your suspension upgrade. Our team is ready to guide you through the process, ensuring your caravan has the best suspension system to meet your needs.

Caravan Suspension Upgrade Cost:

The cost of a suspension upgrade can vary depending on the type of upgrade and the specific needs of your caravan. On average, expect to invest anywhere from $500 to $3000 for a quality suspension upgrade. Factors influencing the cost include the chosen components, installation fees, and whether you opt for a DIY approach or professional installation.

DIY vs. Professional Installation:

While some enthusiasts may choose a do-it-yourself approach to save costs, it’s essential to consider your skills and the complexity of the upgrade. Professional installation ensures that the job is done correctly, maximizing the benefits of your investment. Additionally, many suspension components come with warranties when installed by certified technicians.

Frequently Asked Questions About Suspension Upgrades

Q1: How do I know if my caravan needs a suspension upgrade?

If you experience excessive bouncing, swaying, or discomfort while towing your caravan, it might indicate that your suspension needs an upgrade. Additionally, a suspension upgrade could enhance your caravan’s performance if you plan to carry heavier loads or venture into off-road terrains.

Q2: Can I choose a suspension upgrade based on my travel preferences?

Absolutely! TJM offers a variety of suspension upgrades designed to cater to different travel preferences. Whether you prioritize comfort, off-road capabilities, or increased load capacity, our experts can recommend the perfect upgrade to align with your preferences.

Q3: How long does a suspension upgrade take?

The duration of a caravan suspension upgrade can vary based on the specific modifications required and the type of upgrade chosen. During the consultation phase, our team will provide you with an estimated timeline for the completion of the upgrade.

Q4: Can a suspension upgrade improve fuel efficiency?

While a suspension upgrade may not directly impact fuel efficiency, it can provide a more stable towing experience. A stable ride reduces the strain on your vehicle, potentially leading to improved fuel efficiency, especially when towing heavy loads.

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