An air bag lift kit will provide extra support to the vehicle load, and can be installed in your vehicle in two ways – fitting inside the vehicle’s existing coils, or between the chassis and the leaf springs. Providing a much more comfortable ride while under heavy load, air bags are available in polyurethane or heavy duty rubber bellows.

Most importantly each bag can be adjusted to suit your needs – inflate or deflate individual bags depending on your load distribution and road conditions. It’s no more difficult than putting air in your tyres.

Adding Air bag suspension can provide:

  • Maximised safe load carrying capacity of vehicle
  • Improved stability of vehicle when towing and cornering
  • Improved ground clearance
  • Reduced rear sag when carrying heavy loads
  • Reduced bounce
  • More even brake wear
  • Reduced body roll
  • Reduced nose-dive under brakes
  • Increased shock life
  • Improved coil/spring life
  • Reduced ‘bottoming out’ when 4WDing

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