Discover the freedom of towing with confidence using the technologically advanced portable electric brake controller. Designed for today’s diverse towing needs, this innovative device represents a flexible and reliable solution for any towing setup, allowing for seamless brake control on various trailers, from recreational caravans to robust utility trailers.

Features of a Portable Electric Brake Controller

  • Brake control for up to 3 axles
  • A proportionate trailer braking system applies power to the brakes in direct proportion to the tow car’s real physical deceleration.
  • Proportional in reverse for backing into tight spots
  • With three levels of “Boost” functionality, you can incrementally increase the sensitivity of the inertial sensor, further enhancing braking (see below).
  • 2-digit LED readout to keep you informed of the electrical connection status and amount of voltage delivered to the trailer brakes
  • Self-diagnosing features provide you with optimal visibility.
  • “Plug & Tow” port for 2-plug adapters
  • Snap-in dash mounting kit (for easy removal)
  • Built-in self-leveling mechanism

Plug-and-Play Convenience

The essence of the portable electric brake controller lies in its plug-and-play functionality. Within minutes, this cutting-edge device connects to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter socket and the trailer adapters. Just calibrate the brakes, and you’re all set for a journey that promises safety and ease. No complex installation, no dashboard alterations—experience the ultimate convenience truly suited for on-the-go lifestyles.

Tailored Braking with a Towing Brake Controller

Effortlessly adjustable, the towing brake controller enables you to customize your trailer’s braking intensity. This means enhanced safety and control across various loads and driving conditions. Your journey becomes smoother, with every stop feeling controlled and steady.

In-Built Quality Electric Brake Kit

Every portable electric brake controller kit involves meticulous construction with high-quality components, ensuring reliability. Brands like tjmbendigo commit to excellence, providing durable and efficient brake control systems that cater to avid adventurers and professionals alike.

Trailer Control

When employing an electric trailer brake controller, you capture complete command over trailer brakes. This hands-on tool goes far beyond providing mere stopping power. It’s an integral component of ensuring your trailer’s responsiveness matches your towing vehicle efficiently.

Portable Power

What’s more convenient than a comprehensive electric trailer brake kit that travels with you? Whether you shift between various towing vehicles or use the kit occasionally, the portability sets you free from the barriers of a hard-wired system, saving time and effort.

A Trusted Companion for a Caravan Brake Controller

For the caravan enthusiast, a portable caravan brake controller merges ease with functionality. Braking efficiency while traveling with a home away from home? Absolutely, because when it comes to safety, compromise is never an option.

Portable Electric Brake Controller Kit

A full-fledged brake controller kit ensures you’re perpetually streamlined and prepared, which is synonymous with peace of mind. Leading the way with intelligent technology, portable alternatives suit any skill level, ensuring an array of users can voyage confidently and securely.

Optimized Tow Journeys

Utilizing an electric brake controller isn’t just a matter of convenience; it’s about heightened safety and optimized performance. This device ensures that regardless of the load you carry or the terrain you traverse, responsiveness remains consistent, providing maximum control for safer travel.

Adjusting to Your Needs

Adapt to the specific demands of your journey with a brake controller kit that allows for flexible adjustments. Tailor your trailer’s braking intensity to the respective load or road conditions. This capability translates to a more personalized towing experience that aligns seamlessly with your driving style and cargo requirements.

Safety through Innovation

Safety takes precedence, which is why a portable electric brake controller integrates the latest accelerometer over traditional timed systems for exceptional braking accuracy. Such smart technology brings you a significant leap in tow safety, ensuring you and your cargo’s security on every adventure.

Intuitive and accessible setup

Installation becomes a breeze as you plug the portable brake controller into the cigarette lighter socket and connect it to the trailer adapters. Calibration is straightforward, eliminating any need for technical expertise. Now, readiness for the road ahead is mere minutes away, setting you up for a prompt, unproblematic departure.

In summation, a portable electric brake controller harmonizes control, convenience, and legal compliance. The sophisticated integration of plug-and-play technology with unparalleled ease of use makes it a superior choice for drivers above 25 yearning for smooth, secure towing experiences. Whether you’re transporting goods or venturing into nature, upgrade your journey; equip your trailer with this indispensable towing ally.

Key to Efficient Towing

Enhance your trailering experience with intuitive functionality that places simplicity at the forefront. Thanks to the portable electric brake controller’s user-friendly design, configuring and maintaining optimal braking force becomes an exercise in effortless precision. Designed to accommodate drivers who value both time and ease, all it takes is a few simple steps for setup, so your focus remains on the journey ahead.

Every vehicle, every trailer

Never be constrained by fixed installations again. When the brakes are mounted on your trailer, any compliant tow vehicle becomes capable of leading the charge. Such versatility stands crucial for fleet operators, adventurers who switch tow vehicles, and individuals seeking the utility without a long-term commitment to just one towing setup.

Staying compliant on Australian roads

Legislation varies from place to place, yet in Australia, adherence to the law is clear-cut with a portable electric brake controller. Steering clear from unlawful portable devices, always ensure you are utilizing a certified system like TJMBendigo offerings, safeguarding you against potential hazards and legal discrepancies. No matter your location, you cruise with the assurance that both safety and statutory compliance are in check.

Refined Performance in a Compact Package

Beyond the novelty of being portable, these portable electric brake controllers attest to an exactness in performance rivaling that of static installations. Advanced accelerometers convey real-time feedback for brake adjustments, fulfilling the promise of a tailored driving experience while towing. Traditional approaches pale in comparison when such refined technology is condensed into a streamlined, easily transferable package.

Journey with Peace of Mind

A reliable braking system fosters confidence on the road. Realize this sense of security by adopting a brake controller that not only aligns with your vehicle but also adapts to your driving habits. This attention to detail ensures brakes are applied smoothly, vehicles are stabilized, and cargo remains intact—your assurance for peace of mind through life’s varied terrains.

Embrace the evolution of towing technology with the portable electric brake controller. Its ease of installation, accurate and responsive braking system, legal compliance, and universality present an unbeatable proposition for the discerning driver. Make every tow a testament to efficiency and security, heralding a seamless synchrony between your vehicle and trailer no matter where the road takes you.

Future-Proof Your Towing Adventure

Embarking on the road with a notion of readiness for whatever the future holds becomes second nature with the portable electric brake controller. As technologies advance and regulations evolve, your controller remains a steadfast companion, reflecting adaptability and a commitment to continuous improvement in safety standards.

Avoid unnecessary wear.

One exceptional advantage of maintaining your trailer’s brakes with precise control is the prevention of unnecessary wear and tear. A brake controller kit synchronizes your towing vehicle with your trailer, ensuring that stopping power is proportionate and measured, avoiding added stress on both vehicles’ braking systems and, consequently, on your wallet.

Decision-making made simple

Finally, when choosing the best portable electric brake controller, emphasize quality, user-friendliness, and regulatory compliance. With these factors in mind, making a decision transforms from a daunting task into a simple, clear-cut process. Remember, though, that in this endeavor, the ‘electric brake controller’ phrase should not just be a keyword but a hallmark of your towing solution’s versatility and trustworthiness.

FAQs about the Portable Electric Brake Controller

How do electric brakes work?

When electrical current is applied, an electromagnet is used in electronic brakes to engage the brake pads. The electrical signal that is supplied to the brake controller by pressing the accelerator button in your car powers the electric brakes on the trailer.

Do electric brakes work without a controller?

No, in order for electric brakes to work correctly, a controller is needed. The controller is in charge of delivering the electrical impulses required for the trailer’s brakes to engage. The absence of a controller renders the electric brakes inoperative, leading to potentially hazardous circumstances.

What are the two types of brake controllers?

Proportion and time-delayed brake controllers are the two primary varieties of brake controllers. Smoother and more responsive braking is achieved via proportional controllers, which apply brake force in accordance with the vehicle’s deceleration. In contrast, time-delayed controllers apply a predetermined amount of braking force regardless of the vehicle’s rate of deceleration after a predetermined amount of time.

How does a portable electric brake controller work?

While it functions similarly to a regular brake controller, a portable electric brake controller has the advantage of being easily transportable between cars. It allows the car to send signals to the electric brakes on the trailer by connecting to the electrical harness and brake pedal.

What is the function of an electric brake?

When a trailer is being towed behind a car, electric brakes help to slow it down or stop it. Electric brakes create friction on the trailer’s wheels by using electrical current to activate brake pads or shoes. This helps with deceleration and enhances overall control and safety when towing.

Do electric brakes need a battery?

Actually, for the purpose of powering the electromagnets that engage the brake assembly, electric brakes need a battery. In the event that the engine is turned off or there is an electrical breakdown between the car and the trailer, this guarantees their ability to function independently of the vehicle’s electrical system and provide dependable brakes.

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