Ensure reliable off-road power with the TJM Dual Battery System.

Under the bonnet, in the tub,

Or, behind the seat (dual cab) we can help you with all your dual battery needs.


TJM Dual Battery Systems: A Deep Dive

Your car can run on two different batteries with a TJM Dual Battery System, which is a necessary feature for people who need extra power for accessories, camping appliances, or business operations. Because of the system’s dependable power supply, the primary battery in your car will continue to be used for engine starting, with the auxiliary battery taking care of any additional power requirements.

There’s nothing like trying to head off in the morning and finding you can’t start the car!

Rather than risk running down your vehicle (crank) battery with 12v lighting or a fridge, have an auxiliary battery installed under the bonnet or in the back of the vehicle in a battery box. Be aware that some batteries may need to be vented externally (for example a standard lead acid battery will sit under the bonnet, but for inside the vehicle a sealed battery will be required).

Start by writing a list of what you need to run when your power cord is just not long enough. Once you establish your power needs you can start looking at the battery you will use to provide it. Keep in mind that batteries do not like being fully discharged! They much prefer being drawn down to about 50% of their capacity, and then being topped back up soon after. You will get a much longer battery life if you can make this happen. You can TJM, you will get the best tjm dual battery system for your vehicle.

It’s important to get the right battery to suit your requirements – the battery size and type will be determined by exactly what you want to run on them. For example, to run a fridge and lighting, a deep cycle battery will be required. If you plan on running your second battery in a trailer (or caravan) an Anderson Plug setup will enhance the charging capabilities of your vehicle.

Modern vehicles have different charging systems, so what worked in the past may not work now. It’s always a good idea to get advice from our experienced staff before spending money on a system that won’t meet your needs.

Dual Battery System Options at TJM

Explore some of the Dual Battery System options available at TJM to find the perfect fit for your vehicle:

TJM IBS Dual Battery System:

  • Features Intelligent Battery Sensor technology for precise power management.
  • Ideal for modern vehicles with advanced electronics.

TJM Heavy Duty Dual Battery System:

  • Constructed to endure the demands of off-road journeys and business applications.
  • Robust construction for durability in rugged conditions.
  • Suitable for 4×4 enthusiasts and businesses with heavy-duty power needs.

TJM Portable Power Pack:

  • Offers a portable power solution with a built-in TJM Dual Battery System.
  • Ideal for off-road trips, camping, and sudden power requirements.
  • Features multiple charging options and power outlets.

TJM Commercial Vehicle Dual Battery System:

  • Tailored for commercial vehicles, ensuring a reliable power source for business operations.
  • Designed to handle the power needs of tools, equipment, and communication devices.
  • Increases fleet productivity and lowers the possibility of unplanned breakdowns.

Frequently Asked Questions About TJM Dual Battery Systems

Q1: What are the benefits of installing a Dual Battery System?

The benefits of a TJM Dual Battery System are numerous:

  • Continuous Power: Ensures a steady power supply for accessories and appliances without draining the main battery.
  • Extended Adventures: Ideal for off-road enthusiasts, providing power for extended trips away from traditional power sources.
  • Commercial Efficiency: Enhances efficiency for businesses by ensuring a reliable power source for tools, equipment, and communication devices.

Q1: Are Dual Battery Systems compatible with all types of vehicles?

Yes, TJM Bendigo provides a selection of Dual Battery Systems that are appropriate for 4x4s, SUVs, and commercial vehicles, among other vehicle types. Our professionals will help you in selecting the system that best suits the model and power needs of your car during the consultation.

Q2: Can I charge my auxiliary battery while the vehicle is running?

Yes, Dual Battery Systems typically include a charging system that allows the auxiliary battery to recharge while the vehicle runs. This ensures that your power source remains topped up during your journeys.

Q3: Can a Dual Battery System be installed in older vehicle models?

Yes, TJM Dual Battery Systems can be installed in older vehicle models, providing a modern power solution for off-road enthusiasts and businesses. Our experts will assess your vehicle’s compatibility during the consultation.

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