In a black powder coat, flared with aerial tabs, indicator lights, fog lights, and a winch frame included this bull bar looks great. You can add aerials, airbags, spotlights, and a winch (up to 12,000lb) too.



Elevate Your Ride with Style and Power: Unveiling the Commercial Deluxe Bull Bar

Are you ready to redefine the look and performance of your vehicle? Look no further – our Commercial Deluxe Bull Bar is here to take your driving experience to new heights. This comprehensive guide will explore the features, benefits, and everything you need to know about the TJM T15 Steel Deluxe Bull Bar. Whether you’re seeking information or ready to make a purchase, read on to discover how this premium bull bar can enhance your vehicle’s aesthetics and capabilities.

Aesthetic Appeal in Every Detail

Imagine your vehicle adorned with a sleek, black powder coat finish. The Commercial Deluxe Bull Bar boasts a robust design and a stunning appearance that adds a touch of sophistication to any ride. The flared structure and aerial tabs create a powerful visual impact, making your vehicle stand out on the road.

Premium Features for Enhanced Functionality

Aerial Tabs for Connectivity: Stay connected wherever your adventures take you. The Commercial Deluxe Bull Bar comes equipped with aerial tabs, providing a convenient solution for communication enthusiasts who want to add antennas for improved connectivity.

Indicator Lights for Safety: Safety takes center stage with built-in indicator lights. Enhance the visibility of your vehicle on the road, especially during challenging driving conditions. Drive confidently, knowing that your car has features that prioritize safety.

Fog Lights for Optimal Visibility: Navigate through foggy conditions with ease. The TJM T15 Steel Deluxe Bull Bar includes dedicated space for fog lights, ensuring your visibility is never compromised. Illuminate your path and drive confidently through various weather conditions.

Winch Frame for Unrivaled Power: Ready for off-road adventures? The Commercial Bull Bar has a built-in winch frame capable of supporting a winch of up to 12,000lb. Take on challenging terrain with assurance, knowing you can overcome any difficulty.

Customization Options for Your Unique Style

Aerials for Enhanced Communication

Tailor your bull bar to your communication needs by adding aerials. The Commercial Deluxe Bull Bar provides the perfect platform for integrating communication devices, ensuring you stay connected on all your journeys.

Airbag Compatibility for Advanced Safety

Safety is paramount, and the Deluxe Bull Bar is designed with airbag compatibility in mind. Drive with peace of mind, knowing your vehicle’s safety features remain fully functional even with the bull bar installed.

Spotlights for Personalized Visibility

Illuminate your path with spotlights that can be easily added to the TJM T15 Steel Deluxe Bull Bar. Customize your vehicle’s lighting to suit your driving conditions and preferences, whether navigating city streets or exploring off-road trails.

inch Upgrade for Ultimate Off-Road Capability

If you need more than the built-in winch frame, the Commercial Deluxe Bull Bar allows you to upgrade your winch to a mighty 12,000lb capacity. Unleash the full potential of your vehicle and tackle the most challenging terrains with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Is the black powder coat durable and resistant to scratches?

A2: Yes, the black powder coat finish is aesthetically pleasing, highly durable, and resistant to scratches. Enjoy a sleek and stylish appearance that withstands the test of time.

Q2: Can I add aerials for my CB radio on the bull bar?

A3: Certainly! The Commercial Deluxe Bull Bar comes equipped with aerial tabs, providing a convenient solution for adding aerials and antennas to enhance your communication capabilities.

Q3: Is the winch frame compatible with all winches?

A4: The built-in winch frame is designed to support winches of up to 12,000lb. This allows you the flexibility to choose a winch that suits your off-road needs while ensuring optimal performance.

Q4: Are there specific fog lights recommended for the bull bar?

A5: While the bull bar provides dedicated space for fog lights, the choice of lights is flexible. You can choose fog lights that meet your preferences and specifications to enhance visibility during adverse weather conditions.

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