• Australian made
  • UV-stable acrylic capping
  • Smooth finish
  • Color coding
  • Robotic painting
  • Window tinting
  • Curb-side lift-up window
  • Driver-side lift-up window or sliding
  • Front window dual slide combination for cleaning & air pressurization
  • Rear door dual curved frameless glass

EGR Canopies at TJM

Welcome to TJM, your go-to destination for high-quality EGR Canopies! Are you looking to enhance the functionality and style of your vehicle? Explore the world of Canopies, where innovation meets durability. 

What Sets TJM EGR Canopies Apart?

Australian-Made Excellence

At TJM, we take pride in offering EGR Canopies that are proudly Australian-made. This implies that you are ensuring superior quality and supporting local craftsmanship in addition to purchasing a product.

UV-Stable Acrylic Capping:

Our Canopies are equipped with UV-stable acrylic capping, providing extra protection against the harsh Australian sun. This feature ensures that your canopy maintains its appearance and durability over time.

Smooth Finish:

Say goodbye to rough edges and uneven surfaces! TJM EGR Canopies boast a smooth finish, enhancing your vehicle’s aesthetics and functionality. The manufacturing process’s meticulous attention to detail guarantees a sleek appearance that goes well with your vehicle.

Color Coding:

Personalize your EGR Canopy to match your vehicle’s color with our color coding options. Through this customization, the canopy’s overall design is seamlessly incorporated into your car, giving it a polished and unified appearance.

Robotic Painting:

Precision matters and that’s why our EGR Canopies undergo robotic painting. This advanced method guarantees a flawless coat with no space for error. What is the outcome? a faultless finish that endures.

Window Tinting:

Experience enhanced privacy and protection from the sun with our window tinting options. Choose the level of tint that suits your preferences while enjoying the added benefits of reduced glare and improved insulation inside the canopy.

Curb-Side Lift-Up Window:

Convenience meets innovation with our curb-side lift-up window. Easily access your canopy’s contents without opening the entire rear door. Perfect for quick grabs or showcasing your gear at events.

Driver-Side Lift Window or Sliding:

Tailor your EGR Canopy to your needs with a driver-side lift window or a sliding option. This flexibility ensures easy access and ventilation, making your canopy a versatile space for work and leisure.

Front Window Dual Slide Combination for Cleaning & Air Pressurization:

Maintain a clean and fresh interior with our front window dual slide combination. Easily slide open for cleaning purposes or adjust for optimal air pressure. It’s all about making your canopy a comfortable and functional space.

Rear Door Dual Curved Frameless Glass:

Experience a touch of sophistication with our rear door featuring dual curved frameless glass. Not only does it add a stylish element, but it also maximizes visibility and creates a modern aesthetic for your vehicle.

EGR Canopy Options at TJM

Explore some of the EGR Canopy options available at TJM to find the perfect fit for your vehicle:

EGR Premium Canopy:

  • Features a sleek design with lockable windows and doors.
  • It is ideal for individuals seeking a stylish and functional canopy for recreational activities.

EGR Commercial Canopy:

  • Tailored for businesses, the EGR commercial canopy offers secure storage for valuable goods and equipment.
  • Customization options are available to meet the specific needs of commercial applications.

EGR Tradesman Canopy:

  • Designed for tradespeople and businesses requiring a durable canopy for transporting tools and equipment.
  • Provides a robust solution for commercial applications focusing on functionality and security.

EGR Fleet Canopy:

  • Ideal for businesses managing a fleet of vehicles, the EGR Fleet Canopy offers consistent and reliable cargo solutions.
  • Customizable features to accommodate various business needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions About EGR Canopies

Q1: Are these Canopies compatible with all types of vehicles?

Yes, these Canopies are designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicle makes and models. During the consultation with our TJM experts, your vehicle details will be thoroughly assessed to ensure the chosen canopy is a perfect fit. Whether you drive a compact SUV, a robust 4×4, or manage a commercial fleet, an EGR Canopy will likely suit your specific requirements.

Q2: Why choose TJM EGR Canopies?

A: TJM EGR Canopies are a testament to Australian craftsmanship, offering a perfect blend of durability, style, and functionality. Our canopies are made with precision and attention to detail, ensuring they meet the highest standards.

Q3: Do these Canopies offer enough security for valuable cargo?

Absolutely. Our Canopies have lockable doors and windows, providing a secure storage space for valuable cargo. The robust construction and high-quality materials protect your belongings from theft and the elements.

Q4: Can these Canopies withstand harsh weather conditions?

Our Canopies are designed to withstand various weather conditions, offering protection against rain, dust, and other elements. The weatherproof design ensures your cargo remains safe and dry, making Canopies suitable for recreational and commercial use.

Q5: Can I add accessories to my EGR Canopy?

A: Yes, you can! TJM offers a range of accessories compatible with our EGR Canopies, including roof racks, lighting options, and interior organization solutions. These accessories allow you to customize your canopy for your specific needs.